Absurd, sustainable and theatrical worlds

  • Events – Town Insights

    The Town

    The Town is an immersive, theatrical and sustainable festival held on the first weekend of May.  It’s held in Licola, Victoria’s only privately owned and off the grid Town that is now 95 percent run off solar energy!  Arguably one of Australia’s most unique festivals, it creates a giant mock village with streets and mailboxes throughout the camping, a public transport bike system, a church for fake weddings (and funerals), a courtroom to sue your friends and a 90’s themed prom in the gymnasium.  Everyone comes with a character/s and participates in the tongue in cheek games.

  • Events – Elite Ball

    Elite Masquerade Ball

    The Elite Masquerade Ball is a decadent event held in a 100 year old theatre, ‘The Thornbury Theatre’. It explores the theme of a secret exclusive event held by the rich and powerful elites the world. From red carpet welcomes, violin serenades, floral arrangements, and Hors d’oeuvres, no detail is spared. But there are a few twists, you must protect your identity and get through the protesters to get in. You also must accept your cult initiation, diving you into the depths of the powerful realm of sin and magic. An immersive, classy, seductive night not to be missed, with a portion of profits going to the Asylum Seeker resource Centre.

  • The World Beyond

    Step inside a futuristic world, exploring where we may be heading as a civilisation. From post apocalyptic ruins, to cyberpunk cities, the event creates realistic future worlds through narrative, actors, costumes and set design. It also has cutting edge technological exhibits, live electronic music and bands, and themed spaces such as tech labs and decontamination zones. It’s a costumed event, and those who don’t comply are interrogated on entry. All also must enter through an escape room to get into the event. It’s held every Winter, or during the actual apocalypse. Whichever comes first.

  • Questival

    A virus that has plagued the land
    has stopped us all uniting.
    A spell is also slowly brewing
    that will see a new clan rising.
    To conjure up their alchemy
    and forge a new path forward.
    Dreaming of a new world
    to reclaim power from the order.
    For in our hearts the answer lies
    with visions manifested.
    And on hill, a castle waits
    for our souls to be truly tested


    A project by Culture Jam + The High Council of Shangri La.

    Events Questival