Stacks On

Stacks On is a carnival of colour, circus, music, games, performance and dress-ups.

Spaces include:

- The fallen temple main-stage

- The Island techno stage

- Are you Game? Zone.

- Sustainable Markets

- Circus space

- Kids Playground

- Cocktail Garden Bar

- Ball Pit!

Worldclass Performers



  • PROFILES- Jamie Macdowell + Tom Thum! – 05

      Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum are the perfect musical match: Jamie’s brand of heartfelt songwriting and melodic fingerwork is elevated when combined with Tom’s heavy hitting, world-class beatboxing. Armed only with a guitar, a distinctive singing voice and a versatile voicebox able to convey any instrument from a trumpet to drums, this duo is […]

  • PROFILES- Ed Solo – 04
    ED SOLO – UK

    Firing up the bassbins and hitting you hard with a dose of raggamuffin junglist energy is what Ed Solo is all about. From Glastonbury to Canada’s Shambhala, from dirty Brixton back rooms to Spanish arenas, Ed has travelled the globe throwing down his unique brand of ruffneck bassline bravado for more than a decade. Ed’s […]

  • Web

      This is the new live arrangement of Austero, who has a set of fat fresh dance-floor material ready for his album to be released next year. His fat beats and live guitar will be joining forces with the incredible keys player Mista Savona, who is currently a Grammy Nominee for his incredible last album. […]

  • cropped_cropped_klab_press_brougham_1
    K+LAB – NZ

    New Zealand master of intergalactic funk, K+LAB, has been rocking dance floors and bringing the heat to the masses since he first burst onto the scene with his debut album “Spacedirt” in 2013. An ever-expanding galaxy of FUNK, K+Lab’s sound is always absorbing and incorporating a seemingly endless array of influences and vibes – the head-nod aesthetic […]


    Spoonbill is a restless sonic author constantly defying genres and experimenting with the potential of the vast sonic canvas. He has carved a unique niche within contemporary electronic music, building a worldwide reputation for his idiosyncratic sound design and richly textured high production values In both 2013 & 2015, Spoonbill was ranked 3rd on the […]

  • Too many T’S

    Coming straight from the UK for Stacks On and Rainbow Serpent, these guys combine fat electronica with fun, playful raps.  Sitting somewhere between Beastie Boys and Run The Jewelz with the dance-floor vibes from UK Festivals, they know how to get parties started. With collaborations including Odjbox, Smokey Joe and the Bandit + Father Funk, […]

  • 17311269_10154214636931423_1581391943124334485_o

      Lickweed will be dishing out funky electronica, glitch hop, drum and bass and funk, mixed with live scratch routines inspired by the likes of JFB. He will be joining Kudos on some tracks, who will be busting his unique style of clean rhymes. The set will be a party set full of upbeat funk! […]

  • Cool out sun – Profile

    New Afro-funk outfit Cool Out Sun burst onto the scene with an explosion of introspective, retrospective soul-food you didn’t know you need a serve of. The all-star line up boasts some of the most influential names in Australian music inviting you to wake up, cool down and just do you…. Comprised of the kids that […]

  • 13063030_10209782489258052_5826252913797551253_o

      This will be a unique set for Elle Shimada, busting out a 4-4 daytime set of funky house, with live violin. She will be teaming up with the talented Roswell, who is well known for playing sax with Mortisville + Friends, and has also joined forces on stage on multiple Tash Sultana tours for […]

  • 41286842_904515276405486_8893670843767324672_n

    If you’re looking for a straight line, you’re looking at the wrong person. Wonqi Rose is a connoisseur of sounds from every corner of the planet, whether it’s digging deep to shed light on the freshest tracks or creating a journey from the comfortable to the bazaar. Her audiences are engaged with bewitching performances, synonymous […]

  • PROFILES- Moontide – 01

    Moontide is a project born in the mountains of Colombia, drawing from the vibrant culture of the Andes. The Moontide hybrid live set is designed to take listeners on a journey, encompassing live sampling and instrumentation as well as spoken word. The undercurrent of water has been a recurring theme for his productions as a […]

  • PROFILES-Lask – 02

    Lask has always had a passion for music. After playing instruments and writing music for 5 years, she started producing at the age of 18. After spending years in the studio with very little social interactions, she started to feel detached and felt there was a bridge needed between her production life and her social […]

  • sonia

    (Formally Sophia Sin) Listen & silent are spelt with the same letters. So listen for the melodies, and the spaces in-between.

  • 23550308_1613827575351131_2128183240784795605_o

    An incredibly eclectic artist, Selki is an amazing Solo musician and also sings in epic all female group Tomgirl, and features on many other projects. At Culture Jam events she often accompanies Trickbox with her epic and weird effected Vocals. At Stacks On she will be opening the Fallen Temple stage with fresh live house, […]

  • dinobitch

    Tunes curated to get the primordial ooze spewing out yr booty chakra  

  • 48398005_356863271797970_8047958784951189504_n
    Light Sawce

    Light Sawce is a Melbourne based DJ/ producer that loves mixing funky tunes and soul filled melodies with delicious beats. Many Light Sawce sets have been collaborative performances, introducing alternative mediums to convey messages and thoughts in an expressive and unique way. Expect the unexpected from this energy packed set.   

Where is Stacks On?

Stacks on is held at the beautfiul CERES Commuinity Environment Park; a not-for-profit, sustainability and educational farm located on 4.5 hectares on the Merri Creek in East Brunswick, Melbourne.