The World Beyond 20..?

Currently scouting a new Rebel Base.

The World beyond is a future themed event that explores different narratives of where humanity may be heading, that also mirror important issues we already face.

So far it has had 4 instalments.

The first was set in 2040, where a build up of environmental disasters and economic collapse saw Melbourne fall and rebel factions form in a new emerging post apocalyptic landscape.

The event was held at Revolt Art-space Kensington and we spent weeks transforming it into an immersive Post Apocalyptic City.  We had security dressed as militia barking orders at people on arrival, and we interrogated everyone who entered to see if they were a spy, especially if un-costumed.  Inside we had a cinema of relics from the past, a medical bay with syringe shots, and street markets and beggars.  A tool cover band also closed the old ballroom.

A year later the second edition took place.  The year was 2080 and the theme was technology, hacking and cyberpunk.  It mirrored the issues that were going on at the time and the leaks from Edward Snowden.

We went all out on this one.  Laser Tag battles in the carpark, RFID wristbands where you could 3d scan yourself and upload to interact with different terminals.  We also had virtual reality holidays, a cyberpunk hairdresser and a cult space that worshiped technology.  The cyber-rave act Monster Zoku Onsomb was no doubt the musical highlight of the night.

Next year explored the singularity, Year Zero, where a symbiosis was occurring between nature and technology.  The event was also split into the naturalists and techngnostics, who each saw salvation in their methods.  We had incredible installations like an interactive digital god you could ask anything, plants that made digital music and a set designer design a rooftop system where it rained indoors.  The main floor set design was a natural cave, that was tribal but futuristic. This was the last event ever held at Revolt Art-space, and an epic close.

Years later after searching for the right venue, the event came back at Seaworks, Williamstown, where the Shepard ships dock.  This event was a prequel, set in 2033 and rebelling to a microchipped society. Installations included a digital graffiti wall, VR, Augment reality artworks and cyberpunk installations.  It was held in the middle of winter and being right on the bay, was absolutely freezing.  This arctic wind added to the apocalyptic feel, especially with the burning fire barrels and costumed crowd outside the warehouse.

We see the World Beyond as a truly important event and it will come back, right after we get through this actual global crisis.

The future is now, let's do the best we can to forge it in the right direction.