Tickets & Information for those with accessibility needs


Tickets $200 – Companion cards accepted.

We are working hard to make sure The Town is an accessible event, with a big focus this year on physical accessibility.

Our site, the Licola Wilderness Village, runs inclusive camps and have built their site with accessibility in mind.

Paved roads run through much of the site, and 80 percent of our themed spaces have ramp access. Those that don’t, we will do our best to provide a solution for.

The site also has accessible toilets, showers (and accommodation is available if you need it – please let us know as spaces are limited). For those who want to camp in general camping, you can reserve a flat area close to the accessible amenities, let us know how any of you are coming so we can accommodate you and your crew. General camping is an oval area, down a slight slope so the least accessible part of our site, and access may become more difficult if the weather is rainy.

The indoor stage is wheelchair accessible and we would love to hear from acoustic acts, comedians, or other performers of all abilities who are interested in performing in this space. The outdoor stage is on a grass area but has a firm gravel road going down into it for access, with a slight incline. The dance-floor ground is reasonably firm but may become difficult in rainy weather. The Gymnasium where The Town prom is held is also wheelchair accessible.

This is a learning curve for us, we encourage those interested to contact us with any questions and feedback. If you feel like your needs aren’t/weren’t met as well as they could be, we would love to know what we can do to continue to improve our accessibility.

Unfortunately for budget reasons we are unable to provide Auslan interpreters at the event this year however it is something we may look at for future years.

The Town is an immersive sensory experience, there can be lots of lights, sudden sounds, loud music and raucous laughter, however there are plenty of break out spaces, lush green trees and we believe a welcoming and inclusive crew.

Please feel free to spread the word to those who may be interested, we hope to see you there!