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Ticket info for town and Virtually Reality announced on August 15th.

The Town

Earlier in the year we moved The Town to November, to be hopeful that the situation could have resolved itself by then and giving us a beautiful Spring Town.  While things are looking good in parts of Australia, Victoria certainly ‘aint one of them!  We will be sending a mailout on the 15th of August with our decision on what happens next, whether to move The Town, or to refund tickets and put our energy into our exciting new project Virtually Reality.  We appreciate your patience, and if you’re in a difficult financial situation and can’t wait two weeks, please send us a message for a refund.

Virtually Reality

Nothing forces you think outside the box like being trapped in one! We are excited to be close to launching this new experience, and want to tie this into our announcement for The Town’s outcome.  The reason for this is, if we do refund tickets, we want to give people the option to also choose to sign up for this new immersive experience, that is sent straight to your doorstep.

Again, we appreciate your patience, as it’s community that kips this ship afloat <3