The Town explores what makes an ideal town and sustainability is the key part of this. We aim to set a new standard for Australian festivals for sustainability. The goal is to get to as close to zero waste as possible, while co-creating an environment that naturally stimulates you. We respect the beautiful land with its fresh waterways and surrounding nature as well as it's indigenous history. We ask all Town Residents to explore this ethos and create an awesome mirror for our everyday lives and how we live. Licola is also now running on sustainable energy!


We aim to provide a beautiful space where you can naturally play, relax and also get ridiculously silly. We want everyone to have a creative uplifting weekend where you come home inspired and full of good energy, not drained. Party naturally, sleep and eat well over the weekend, and set the tone to keep doing this forever and keep our scene sustainable.  If you can enjoy what we do naturally, we believe then we have created the perfect space that doesn’t require enhancing to be enjoyed.  Creativity over consumption is another key ethos of The Town.  There have also been studies that show that connection is the antidote for addiction.  The Town has no mobile reception and also allows us to escape our reliance on technology, and connect in a more human way.

We recommend having a weekend off, but If you do smoke over the weekend,  pretty please always use film canisters and the provided mannequin heads for your butts  :)

Zero Waste

All our food and drink stalls will be using reusable crockery with a backup of compostable items.  Be a Town Pro and bring a plate, cup and crockery and wash your own after purchasing at the wash-stations. We also ask that you don’t bring disposable rubbish and plastics. Tupperware and smart storage of food, a reusable bottle, and no plastic or glass are such a huge help and reminds us all how to operate more simply and take individual responsibility in our lives. Please no excessive alcohol, we do not run a bar and we only want people drinking socially and not at all to excess (no kegs, multiple slabs or bottles please). We are a festival based on connection not consumption.  Also please only bio-glitter please if you want to get sparkly and avoid things like fake feathers in costumes that turn into rubbish. These simple steps by everyone will set an amazing standard and mean we can party without rubbish and keep setting such a high standard for Australian festiavals. Last year, everyone took home their waste and we only generated Four 3-meter cubic skips of rubbish for the entire festival. Lets aim for even closer to zero waste this year, it truly is possible <3  :-)

Sustainable Transport + Camping

To avoid putting pressure on the site we need your help with carpooling and camping humbly.  (Please no busses/trailers/caravans).  We ask tents are kept to a humble size but do encourage colourful and fun campsites. This helps us spread throughout the site, making sure everyone is comfortable and feels a sense of community and sharing. Packing light means partying smart and in a way where less is more, which is the most important element of our approach. Do BYO Mailbox and anything else you think will brighten the suburb you’re in! (flags, and decor folds up small is great for a big effect wth only a small amount of packing space)

*Please do you best to arrive in full cars. Carpooling page here– and note all cars on site are required to purchase a car pass*

Thankyou for your sustainable input <3

This is a collective effort and we are so grateful to have you beautiful people on board our experiment! Lets set the standard for showing how we can live our lives sustainably, both at and away from parties.