Our carnival themed party at Ceres

Stacks On was Culture Jam’s first outdoor event and massively helped shape our approach of looking beyond the music. A family friendly event thtat started in 2011, it was  based around games, circus, colour. play and music.

The event always had colourful carnival elements such as  jumping castles, circus spaces, ball-pits, face-painting, world-class circus performances and african and brazillian drumming.  Our final year saw everything from a roller-skating rink to a quirky cafe where you order experiences instead of food.

Being in the middle of tour season, Stacks On also put a focus on stacked and diverse lineups, and hosted acts including Tom Thum, Ed Solo, Desert Dwellers, JFB, Bullhorn, Moontricks, Too Many T’s, Stickybuds, J-Pod, Spoonbill, Matsumoto Zoku and K+lab..

2018 a particularly memorable year when we got 20mm of rain and it turned into an absolutely wild mud-pit with everyone dancing like maniacs in the rain.  It even boasted a mother-flipping double Rainbow.

Mirroring Culture Jam’s larger vision, Stacks On always put focus on a diverse, fun, family friendly event where people could embrace self-expression and not feel like they needed to fit into a particular sub-culture or way of being.

Thanks for all the good times Ceres <3