The Town will be inhabited from May 3rd - 6th. Thank you so much to those interested for being a part of this vision, both creatively and sustainably. We can’t wait for you to explore the fifth round of this co-creation <3 Here is some must know information for all Town residents.

Vibes: The Town is a family friendly and sustainable festival.  It’s focus is on community and connection opposed to hedonism.  We want to leave a really positive impression for our first event on this site, and we appreciate your help with this and partying smart. <3

Dogs: TBC.

Kids: The Town is a family friendly festival so please be mindful of this at all times.  The Town needs to be looked after for the future littles ones just liked the real world does. Conduct yourself with fun and respect and lead by example for a positive future <3

Cars:  If you are planning on bringing your car to site you must purchase a car pass with your ticket. Car passes are $20 each. Please travel light and arrive with 3 per car minimum or you will be receive an additional $20 fee. This is essential to make sure we all fit and to keep our festivals sustainable.

Trailers, Busses + caravans  We only allowed regular cars and small vans on the event site due to space limitations.  There is a caravan park next door though, Licola Caravan Park that is taking bookings.

Sustainability: Please read the Sustainability Guide and bring a cup, plate and crockery, zero disposable waste, and focus on sustainable partying and good vibes. Thank you so much in advance.

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The Town-94
The Town-29

Carpooling: Carpooling page here. Please take time to post if you have room, or are looking.

Doors: Town gates open 9am Friday.

Tickets: Please bring your tickets downloaded on phone for scanning on door (no reception). Bring ID and arrive with friends if you purchased multiple tickets.

Ticket Transfers/Refunds: Click the Ticket page for name transfers.

Camping: The idea is to setup your own little houses within the village!  On arrival you will receive your suburbs wristband and directions from our lovely concierge team. Please please camp humbly, share tents and get cosy with your buddies and avoid overly spreading out and big tents as space is limited. Do bring letterboxes, decor and fun things to share with people around you.

Food: Vegalicious, Psybus and The Town Bakery will be serving delicious healthy food all weekend. Gas Stoves are allowed in low wind conditions (under 10 knot), fully attended at all times, and 3 metres from any tents or material.

Alcohol: We allow BYO but please ask you keep it to a reasonable level and do not drink excessively, as this is not in line with our vibe.

Ice: Available from Licola General Store.

Fire:  We will have safe set up fire pits, overseen by our Town Fire Crew (TFA).  Please do not light your own fires under any circumstances.  Adding logs to fires once they are going is okay.

Passouts: Please visit the General Store, however vehicle pass-outs during Festival. Please do not drive around the site during the event either.

Costumes/theatrics: Okay… Time to get fun, setup your house and mailbox, step into character, play games, interact, create skits, gift presents and share the love.  Thisevent is a playground and we want you to not just play in it, but be a part of the creation.

Next to sustainability, this is what this event is all about. We have so many amazing things planned are excited to see what you all come up with too. We will see you all up on site beautiful people. Let’s lead the way in creativity and sustainable partying and make this one to remember, setting the tone for what we as a community are capable of. Huge love <3

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