Our Vision

Culture Jam is a creative crew from Melbourne who specialise in themed/narrative driven events and super fun and fresh mashes of sub culture.

The events are immersive and interactive and based around an overall theme key to each event.  The World Beyond event tells a story of potential future realities and makes a political commentary about where we may be heading as a civilisation. The Town explores a utopic village and is full of micro-stories and hilarious narratives that parody society and make social commentary.

Culture Jam is a vessel for creativity, co-creation, political commentary and fusion of culture and sub culture.

The fundamental idea behind the experience of our events is that art and theatre should be a dynamic and rich two way experience, opposed to something that is consumed or observed.

Spaces come to life with actors, performers, installations, and epic set design. Most importantly, those who attend are the ones who bring this magic, we are just there to keep stoking the fire of fun.

Attendees  bring their own incredible surprises to share with the space, and this is where the true magic happens. Dress-ups, skits, gifts, role-play and absurdity is all common language out our events, and the best thing is, everyone is prepared for the unexpected.

Our events have a strong environmental focus, and are generally family friendly. We like to create environments that are full of natural creativity and connection, opposed to hedonism. The atmospheres speak for themselves and they always attract amazing respectful people from all walks of life. Our events are inclusive and invite all who can come in to this fun and respectful vibe with an open mind.

Culture Jam has now also expanded to a hire company, creating experiences, set designs, characters, creative direction and production for other events of all types.

More recently we are looking to expand into longer events that dive deeper into immersive theatre.

We pride ourselves on unique creativity, mind blowing ideas, and positive uplifting events that make change in peoples lives and the larger world. Check the ticket page for upcoming events and we will see you in the next world we co-create.

Huge love,
Culture Jam.

Message from the Director

Culture Jam is one of the most important things in my life and I've watched it grow from a super fun nightclub gig in 2010 into beautiful dynamic themed worlds put together by some of Melbourne's best artists.

I essentially steer the ship and have a grander vision for where Culture Jam can head, but more than anything, I am an amazing people and ideas magnet.  Culture Jam is an ever rotating collaboration of some of the more unique artists, thinkers and doers in Melbourne.

My aim is to keep taking this project into unexplored creative and philanthropic experiments that aren't just restricted to change at the events, but enrich every day lives and help those in need.

If you want to hear more about the vision, or contribute, all messages here go straight to me, and I would love to hear from you. I love working with people who want to learn about the event process, and collaborating with other big thinkers and doers.

Culture Jam relies on external support outside of the events too, and we are always looking for contributors who can help us bring our bigger visions to life. Please feel to contact me if you are interested in hearing some of our larger visions and how you can help support these, and therefore help others.

The future will be creative, and we will create it together <3

Huge love,

"By loosing ourselves as characters in a fantasy world, we often find important truths with our guards dropped and away from our egos"

Michael Scarlett